Note: You may now register, download and use IGoWhen.

We have not completed the payment portion yet which means you may use the program for free for the time being.


How to add events?

See these instructions here.

What are the IGoWhen Settings?

See these instructions here.

Can the event text be customized?

Yes, you can. There are ways to create custom event messages by using special formatting in the Google Calendar Event Description.

See how here... Custom Messages.

What is the default Admin password

The default Admin password is "1234".

How to reset the Admin password?

This process will reset all IGoWhen settings

How many events are supported?

IGoWhen can handle as many events as you want to put on the schedule.

Can IGoWhen run on more than one computer?

IGoWhen can display a user's schedule on as many computers as you like.

Will IGoWhen display events from multiple calendars?

No. IGoWhen will only show events from the registered user's main Google Calendar. The goal of IGoWhen is simplicity.

If I pay for a year and stop using the application before the year is up, can I get a refund?

Yes. The refund will be based on the number of months the application was used charged at the monthly rate.

What information does IGoWhen collect?

The only information IGoWhen collects is the information entered on the registration page. Calendar data and payment data is not stored on IGoWhen servers.

Why use Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is free to use and has many scheduling options. There are apps to access it from most mobile devices.

Why do I have to use a Google Calendar Email address when I register for IGoWhen?

Your loved one's IGoWhen account is tied to a particular Google Calendar account to ensure the correct calendar is displayed and to make it difficult to avoid paying for IGoWhen.

What kind of computer will IGoWhen run on?

IGoWhen was designed to run on Windows 10. It doesn't take a very powerful computer, but must have access to the internet. You could make use of an old desktop or notebook computer as long as it will run windows 10 and can connect to the internet. IGoWhen may run on older version of windows, but has not been tested.