Note: You may now register, download and use IGoWhen.

We have not completed the payment portion yet which means you may use the program for free for the time being.

How to Add Events

We will refer to the person that will be the recipient of the reminders and notification provided by IGo when as the "User".

We will refer to the person(s) that will be managing IGoWhen account and scheduling the events as the "CareGiver".

If the Caregiver(s) don't have a Google Calendar account they should create one... Create a Google Account.

If the User doesn't have a Google Calendar account, create one first... Create a Google Account.

While logged in to the User's Google Account, share the User's main calendar (the first calendar in the list on the left) with the Caregiver(s) by following the instructions at Share a Google Account.

The Caregiver(s) will receive and email and the User's calendar should now be on the Caregiver's calendar.

One the left side of the calendar screen you can select which 'calendars' are displayed on the calendar.
It is easy to view different calendars by selecting and unselecting them.
Also, by default new events will be the same color as the 'calendar'.

When adding an event for the User's calendar to be used by IGoWhen, be sure to select the User's calendar... "John Apple" in the example below:

Click more options to set up recurring events.

New events and changes to events will show on the IGoWhen application automatically within 30 minutes or when one of the menu buttons is clicked.